The city of Lecce is a city of art that surprises for the richness of its monuments, of the Lecce Baroque and for the liveliness and brightness of its alleys, full of people and shops. For those who love culture and art, they must visit:

  • The Roman Amphitheatre, declared a national monument, dates back to the Roman era and is of notable elegance and size. It is located in Piazza S. Oronzo in the heart of Lecce, a few steps from the Duomo and Santa Croce. Made of Lecce stone, it was formerly covered in polychrome marble. Part of the arena and the lower steps with the external walls are visible.
  • The Roman Theater near the historic center.
  • The Torre del Parco, a fifteenth-century fortified construction.
  • The Castle of Charles V, built on another older building, probably Angevin or Aragonese. Located at the center of the communication routes between the town and the sea, to defend the city gates from Turkish attacks.
  • All the churches in the historic center of Lecce built mostly in Baroque style.